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... and here we are! A filmschool in Moria
For ARTE and her first documentary as a director, which we produced, actress & musician Katja Riemann went to the most famous refugee camp in Europe: Moria on Lesbos. Who knew that there is a film school there?

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Angola: The shameless elite
Death squads are killing young people living in the suburbs of the Angolan capital Luanda. Only a greedy elite is benefiting from oil wealth, whereas a lot of inhabitants of the periphery can hardly survive. Report on the governance and the arbitrariness in Angola.
By Edgar Wolf – ARTE Reportage and Deutsche Welle (24.30 and 28.30 min.).

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Princesse despite of me
1989. My name is Altinaï and I'm 12 years old. I learn that I am a princess from Montenegro. This is a real shock to me. Who is this family fallen from the sky? What is this country where my roots seem to lie?
Thirty years later I return to the former capital of Montenegro, Cetinje. The war is over.

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